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The thumbnails have links to picture galleries devoted to either the works of a specific artist or a category of fine art. I'm showing multiple views of each object in an attempt to do justice to these great works. Hopefully, there is something here for every taste.


J. M. Brodrick

Tom deDecker

Gary Kaelon


Katherine McNeill

Michelle Samerjan


The limited edition Mixed Media sculptures that feature artists like Kitty Cantrell, David Lemon, and Chris Pardell, are made of a softer metal than bronze, allowing much finer detail. Folks at the Legends foundry – now Starlite Originals, LLC – were innovators in the technique of applying hot-torched acid patinas. In contrast to the common practice of cold painting bronze and other metals, heat is used to accelerate the oxidation process and fuse the color patinas to the metal surface. The Legends Mixed Media sculptures are made mostly of fine pewter. They use bronze when the design and size of a piece require a stronger metal, such as Kitty Cantrell's Windwalker or Chris Pardell's Courting Danger. Like Mark Hopkins Sculpture and many other modern foundries, Legends practices the lost-wax casting method in producing their art pieces.

Working with an entirely different medium, Chan Liu-Miao is a master in the ancient art of treating leather, painting and molding it into amazingly life-like sculptures. Meanwhile, a synthetic, seemingly cold product of the modern age like acrylic resin can also convey beauty and grace, as demonstrated in the pioneering work of Frederick Hart, unquestionably one of the preeminent American sculptors of the twentieth century.

Rodd Ambroson

Kitty Cantrell

Liu-Miao Chan

Dan Edwards


Martin Greer

Frederick Hart

Mark Hopkins

David Lemon

Dan Medina

Christopher Pardell

Michael Talbot

Joshua Tobey

Willy Whitten


Wood Art

Terry Evans

Ted Knight

Hal Metlitzky

Brad Sells

Audacious Exhibit

Decorative Arts

Lotton art glass

Lalique crystal

Swarovski crystal



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