Windwalker  by Kitty Cantrell

Issued November 1996 (the Windwalker with Trout version was released in 1998)
58 inches high (147 cm)
Legends Gallery Editions

I feel very fortunate to have these two pictures, above and below, which were taken at the Legends foundry and given to me by a public relations representative. I'm told the person holding up the wing of the Windwalker plastiline model is Dan Medina, sculptor and foundry art director. Plastiline is a mix of clay and latex rubber. The original model is cut up into smaller pieces from which molds are made. The number of parts depends on the size and complexity of the art piece. Parts are cast separately and welded together to re-form the sculpture, then follow the labor-intensive processes of metal chasing to remove weld lines and restore details to the piece, and the application of acid patinas to give it color. The metal surfaces may be glossy or they can be sand-blasted for a matte finish.

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