Gary Kaelon  (1944-2002)

Gary Kaelon is of German-Greek ancestry and was raised and educated in the United States. His talent is instinctual, the enigmatic portraits of wildlife the result of an affinity with the subject matter and the medium. Kaelon's interest in marble evolved while in Europe, shortly after his residency in East Africa, in the early 1970's.

The unusual effect of camouflage recreates the animal within the natural coloring and veining of the stone. Oil and acrylic paints are used along with layering of oriental lacquers for each and every painting. For large pieces, the process can take up to six months. Starting with the eyes of his subject, Kaelon works outward, often letting lines or shading in the marble become part of the composition. Using single-hair brushes of cat whisker, he paints in the details of each animal's body with fine fur or feather-like strokes. Layering of lacquers adheres and blends the paint into the stone.

Gary Kaelon died in May 2002; a great loss to his fans.

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