Dan Medina

Dan Medina's award-winning artistic genius has proven that he possesses genuine God-given talents. A self-taught illustrator, painter, and sculptor, Dan has earned numerous awards in a variety of acclaimed state competitions, including the prestigious City of Los Angeles Bicentennial Award.

Strongly influenced by artists of the Renaissance period, such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michaelangelo, Dan also attributes some of his artistic influence to his close association with artist Christopher Pardell. " I envision sculpting as an exciting three-dimensional extension of my illustrations. The ability to create overpowers me, whether it pertains to science or the arts."

Before creating any new work, Dan thoroughly researches his subject. Dan takes this often overlooked step in order to ensure the authenticity and undeniable sense of motion that is found in each of his magnificent sculptures. "To portray emotion and form in metal - that is the essence of art," says Medina, "it all starts in the mind." As the image begins to form in his thoughts, Dan will create a preliminary sketch from which to work. Only when he is satisfied with the two-dimensional image will he begin to sculpt.

Dan's work reflects the fact that his purpose in art is to express the human experience. "I want to incorporate the feeling of hope, and search the other side of our physical existence." Further demonstrating his passion for art, Dan feels that "the power to encompass human emotion, and even dreams, in a work of art is what I live for."

Dan currently serves as Legends Art Director and continues to provide significant support to the Legends foundry through his invaluable research and development efforts.

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