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Ever since he started woodturning over 30 years ago, Hal Metlitzky has found ways to merge his academic background as an Electrical Engineer with his artistic vision to create intricate designs and patterns that bring to life the rich colors and textures of wood. The symbiosis of such divergent disciplines as engineering and art led Hal to experiment with innovative methods of shaping thousands of pieces of wood to form his signature turned bowls. Over time, Hal perfected the “Metlitzky” technique of putting movement into segmented woodturning by stacking multiple thin layers of segmented rings and rotating them through set angles to produce a swirling effect that pulls the viewer's eye toward the center of the bowl.

Hal draws inspiration from the deep emotional investment he puts into creating works that speak to the beauty of wood. He strives to impart meaning to every one of his turnings through the careful selection of woods, colors, and patterns to depict the wonders of our world, each with its own story to tell.

His extensive collection of exotic hardwoods provides a wide array of natural colors for his segmented turnings. More recently, Hal has expanded his palette by incorporating dyed woods into his designs, adding new colors not found in natural woods, like blue and green.

After his retirement from a career in the field of IT, Hal has been able to devote more time to his art. His work has garnered awards and appeared in trade and art publications. It has been featured prominently at art exhibits and is part of a number of private collections.

Hal Metlitzky gallery