Bleu Chih  by Michelle Samerjan
(Blue Wisdom)

27.25" (w) x 37.5" (h) unframed
69 cm (w) x 95 cm (h)

39" (w) x 46" (h) with custom frame
99 cm (w) x 117 cm (h)

Acrylic paint on fine watercolor paper veiled over with Japanese rice lace, then surrounded by an eternal circle of rare 14th - 16th century Chinese cash coins affixed with religious wax, layered onto Filipino grass mat, then bordered with early 1900's Chinese silk brocade, hand-enhanced by the Artist.


"Many followers of Confucius believed that we are born with a sense of right and wrong, which is the beginning path to wisdom. But a person will only become truly wise if this beginning is nourished over time. Fired in the tableau of this antique Chinese blue and white porcelain vase, a wise scholar is shown teaching these all-important principles that will blossom into an understanding that to do right is the greatest lesson of all. And to do wrong is a journey down a darkened path."

Michelle Samerjan

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