Charmed  by Michelle Samerjan

19.75" (w) x 24" (h) unframed
50 cm (w) x 61 cm (h)

32" (w) x 35" (h) with frame
81 cm (w) x 89 cm (h)

Acrylic on fine watercolor paper veiled over with hand-made translucent Japanese papers, accented on top with a 17th-century peach-shaped charm affixed with religious wax (collected from holy temples and monasteries), all mounted onto board painted with acrylic, surrounded by borders of 18th-century Indian saris.


"Charms have been used in almost every phase of Chinese life for protection of loved ones, the home, and to facilitate the collection of wealth. Here, this peach-shaped charm stands watch over a rich bouquet of flowers set in a favorite, antique blue and white vase. The charm has for three centuries done an admirable job and has passed from household to household. With its new owner, the cycle begins anew and an umbrella of protection for the family, in conjunction with good fortune bringing wealth in both spiritual and earthly terms, seems almost assured for the new owners."

Michelle Samerjan

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