Ming Bai  by Michelle Samerjan

33" (w) x 29.25" (h) unframed
84 cm (w) x 74 cm (h)

46" (w) x 43" (h) with custom frame
117 cm (w) x 109 cm (h)

Acrylic paint on fine watercolor paper veiled over with hand-made translucent Japanese rice lace, bordered with early 1900's Indian cashmere, with antiqued metal leaves affixed at each corner.

"As the Sun breaks the crest of the distant Eastern horizon, a new day begins. Radiant light floods the world and brings life to all things. A bouquet of yellow wildflowers that have captured the light seem to orbit in their own universe. Shining in the dawn's early light, they come alive, dancing and swaying as the Sun bathes each petal and blossom. But what is hidden is the life coursing from the still spring water in the vase. To shine requires both external and internal harmony; otherwise, we are merely reflecting."

Michelle Samerjan

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