Rodd Ambroson Sculptures

Inspired by life, informed by science, enthralled by beauty. Rodd Ambroson creates figurative art that at once engages the senses, the mind and the heart. His works come to life, not as mere representations, but as creatures of his ongoing, multi-disciplinary experiences that arise from his intellectual commitment to the spirit of the Renaissance.

In Rodd's words, "My work is the experience of my senses. My sculptures reflect the amount of quiet passion I can transfer into them. This is what my collectors appreciate: the peace and quietude that emanates from them - if I have done my job well."

The above text copied with permission from We are grateful to Carolyn and Tom Bruski, proprietors of Thomas Anthony Gallery in Park City, UT, for introducing us to Rodd's art and so many others.









Morning Light

In Her Care


Dawning of the Day


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