Rebellious  by Chris Pardell

Geronimo (Goyaalé 'One Who Yawns'; often spelled Goyathlay in English), Chiricahua Apache, 1829-1909
Issued October 1992
13 1/2 inches tall (34.3 cm)
Legacies of the West Premier Edition

Geronimo was a prominent leader of the Chiricahua Apache. He was born near Turkey Creek, a tributary of the Gila River in what is now the state of Arizona, then part of Mexico, but which his family considered Bedonkohe Apache land. Geronimo himself was a Bedonkohe Apache. His band of Chiricahuas became the last major force of independent Indian warriors who refused to acknowledge the United States government in the American West. This came to an end on September 4, 1886, when Geronimo surrendered to Army General Nelson A. Miles at Skeleton Canyon, Arizona.

Archive photo by A. F. Randall, 1905

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