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The Old American West has been depicted in every imaginable art form by legions of artists, but very few can combine realism with romanticism in quite the same way as Christopher Pardell does in sculpture. All of his works are remarkably accurate, both in the physical characteristics of his subjects and in their historical context, while the aesthetic quality and technical execution are nothing short of impeccable. The balance and perfect form of the riders on horseback, for example, demonstrate Chris' mastery in freezing a moment in time and rendering it faithfully in art.

As far as I can tell, Chris Pardell's career began in 1987. I find it interesting how even the best artists take a little while to perfect their craft. In my opinion, Chris hit his stride between 1988 and 1989. Whereas some of his earlier sculptures may exhibit a degree of imperfection either in form or in proportions, every one of his creations from mid-1989 onward is technically flawless.

Each Pardell sculpture produced by the Legends foundry comes with an account of the real-life event that inspired it or the artist's vision in creating the art piece. The works titled in red in the thumbnail gallery below are the ones where I have included some historical notes. We met Chris at a few signing events and learned of the 200-plus reference books in his library, which help him achieve the authenticity he seeks in all of his artistic portrayals. In more recent years, Chris has shifted his interests and focus toward teaching sculpture, and the creation of commissioned public monuments.

Whether the artist's hand signature adds value to a piece is something that prospective buyers ought to decide for themselves. If your decision to purchase is influenced by the presence of a signature or autograph, you should try and learn what an authentic signature looks like, including subtle peculiarities in letter formation and pen strokes. I have seen "hand signed" pieces sold online where the signature seemed highly questionable. A signature that looks strong and fluent, not stiff, is probably genuine. Poorly executed forgeries may appear as a group of carefully drawn letters lacking fluidity and confidence. In today's marketplace, items are often bought for the sole purpose of being flipped, and many resellers don't spend the time to do proper research, so it's up to the collector to acquire knowledge and not become a victim.

If you recognize any of my photos on sites like eBay, please know that the pictures are not of the actual item being offered for sale. I'm strictly a buyer and have no intention of ever selling; at least, not in this lifetime(!)


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Wind On Still Water

Bear's Heart

Feathered Fury


Courting Danger


As Things Were



First Coup

American Horse
Takes His Name

Defending the People

Four Bears'

Crazy Horse

The Tables Turned

White Feather's

Eagle Dancer

Hell Bent
for Letters

Short Rest on
the Long Trail




Stand of the
Sash Wearer

Keeper of Eagles



Beating Bad Odds

Cliff Hanger

Hunters Brothers

Mystic Vision


Defiant Comanche

No More, Forever

Esteemed Warrior


Eminent Crow


Drum Song

Our Past,
To Our Future

Each, to the Other

Our Lives,
Our Legacy

Scout's Honor


Telling the Tale

Red Cloud's Coup

Songs of Glory

Crow Warrior


The Final Charge

Medicine Gift
of Manhood

Spirit of the Wolf


Guiding Hand

Gift of the
Sacred Calf

Spirit and Image

Souls Awaken


High Spirit

Give Us Peace

First Born

Daydreams of


Indian Maiden

Indian Potter

Kachina Carver

Chief's Blanket

Story Teller

Red Cloud

Crazy Horse


Sitting Bull

Speed Incarnate

Mountain Man

Sky's the Limit

Sees an Eagle




Fly Fisher

Arabian Mare
and Foal


Show Jumper



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