The Incorrigible Collector

Collectors share a number of behavioral traits no matter where their interests take them. I put together this kind of fun list just by doing a quick self-analysis. Maybe some of these observations will resonate with you.

You know you're a serious collector when:

  1. The objects enrich your life and represent much more than mere possessions;
  2. You come up with reasons why something you didn't know existed until recently is now a must-have;
  3. The word "enough" has been stricken from your vocabulary;
  4. Running out of display/storage space doesn't stop you;
  5. You cut back on eating out and all types of entertainment spending in favor of collecting;
  6. Learning about an object becomes a prerequisite to owning it;
  7. You meticulously catalog every item in your collection;
  8. You remember the exact circumstances surrounding many of your acquisitions but have to check your records for the rest;
  9. You occasionally break your own rules, like buying something you don't particularly like but only because it completes a set, or the price was too attractive to pass up;
  10. You've been burned once or twice because you saw the red flag(s) and decided to make the risky purchase anyway;
  11. You have no trouble spotting condition issues and are dismayed at some online sellers' inability to recognize even the big problems, let alone small ones;
  12. You have duplicates of an item because you purchased a second example that's in better condition and haven't gotten around to selling the first (which has issues the seller failed to disclose – see #11);
  13. Family vacations include planned detours and stopovers at locations where you hope to find whatever it is that you collect;
  14. An out-of-town event that relates to your collecting IS the reason for a vacation;
  15. You don't mind cleaning and dusting to keep your collection looking its best;
  16. Besides dust, spider webs and fingerprints are your enemies;
  17. You are happy to share what you've learned with anyone who shows interest;
  18. When asked, you gladly give a tour of your collector's domain to people you've just met;
  19. You justify the cost of collecting by declaring with great conviction: "This is part of my legacy. Outside of real estate – which can be a liability more than an asset – these are the only material things that will outlive me."
  20. You come to terms with the possibility that your heirs may not hold the same passion you have.

The above text authored by Copyright © 2013

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